About Us

Atten Babler Risk Management provides consulting services in agricultural, energy and specialty commodities. For over twenty years our principals have assisted commodity producers, processors, end-users and traders in capturing opportunity and minimizing risk. Our commodity risk management consulting services include:
  • Comprehensive Margin Management Programs
  • Proprietary Market Research
  • Strategic Advisory
Our affiliate companies also provide brokerage and insurance services. Futures brokerage and clearing is available through Atten Babler Commodities LLC. Crop insurance is available through Atten Babler Insurance Services LLC.


  • Will Babler – Principal
  • Chris Atten – Principal
  • Carl Babler – Principal
  • Chris Wilson – Analyst
  • Ben Cramer – Analyst
  • Kim Voigts – Broker
  • Karen Voigts – Broker
  • Stuart Seffrood – Broker
  • Belinda Jennings – Office Manager

Commodity Markets

We assist producers, processors, traders and end-users in managing agricultural, energy and specialty commodity price risk. We provide a full range of consulting services for clients engaged in the following commodity markets:
  • Grain & Oilseeds
  • Dairy & Livestock
  • Ethanol & Biodiesel
  • Food Industry
  • Diesel & Fuel Surcharges
  • Natural Gas
  • Carbon & Environmental Credits
  • Emerging & Specialty Commodities